Specific Conditions for Fruit Attraction


Once a proposed space is accepted, the Participation Application and exhibition contract constitutes an irrevocable commitment on the part of the applicant as well as their full acceptance of the General Rules of Participation of IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, the Specific Rules applicable to the exhibitor established by Fruit Attraction 2018 contained in this guide, and the Technical Appendices to the aforesaid general rules, as well as any generic or specific provisions established by the Fair’s administration. The General Rules will be available to you at all times through IFEMA‘s website, in the Exhibitor Information space, and on each event’s website.

Attend your stand

Exhibitors must manage their stands and remain at their stands with their products displayed there for the entire duration of the trade fair: Tuesdey, 23th, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th October from 9.30 am to 7 pm. Failure to comply with this regulation may entail loss of entitlement to preferential renewal of the space allocated.

Exhibitors will have access to their stands as of 8 am, and must leave them between closure of the event and 8 pm.

Sound proofing

Noisy demostrations which may molest other exhibitors may not be carried out, demostrations cannot exceed 60 decibels.

Promotional Activities

Promotional activities, distribution and exhibition of samples, brochures, flyers and promotional ítems of all kinds may only be carried out on the exhibitor’s stand.

Direct sales of any ítem on display at the event is strictly forbidden.

Stands Assembly and entry of merchandise

No exhibitors or assembly workers will have access to the stands outside the timetables stated in the Exhibitor Calendar, nor may any assembly or other work be carried out on stands outside these periods.

Exhibitors who have not made full payment for the space and services hired will not be allowed to take up the space, nor will any modular stands be allocated to them.

An exclusive area to park refrigerated trucks has been enabled, with he possibility of electricity connection in order to facilitate the maintenance of the products and the refitting of fruits and vegetables exhibited in the stands. In case you need this service you must request it to the exhibition services management of IFEMA (Assistance department related to stand construction, design and assembly). Fax number (34) 91 722 51 27 or e-mail address: stecnica@ifema.es. The service will be invoiced at the current price.


The following details shall always be indicated in the delivery address:
FERIA DE MADRID – Fruit Attraction. Avenida del Partenón, 5 – 28042 Madrid.
Your company name, hall and stand number.

IFEMA – Feria de Madrid staff is not authorized to receive any merchandise to be delivered to your stand. Therefore, make sure that there is always someone at your stand. If it is not possible, we recommend you to contact the collaborating company in charge of management.

(+34) 91 748 07 50

Compulsory services

The participation as an exhibitor involves the compulsory contracting of the following items:

Civil liability** (coverage up to €60,000) €53.45 + VAT*
Multifair** insurances (coverage up to €30,000) €50.73 + VAT*
Trade Show Marketing Package: promotional
elements and services
€250 + VAT*
Minimum power consumption (0.13Kw/m2) €3.849/m2 + VAT*

(*) 10% VAT is not included for firms established in Spain (except for the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla). This operation is not subject to Spanish VAT for the remaining firms. In case of European Union firms, exhibitors will be responsible for paying the applicable VAT applicable according to their country.

(**) Public liability insurance and ‘multi fair’ insurance coverage is charged for each stand assigned, for both individual and group participation.

Images at FAIR

Exhibitors grant authorization for total or partial reproduction of any products on display which IFEMA may need and/or reproduce in its promotional material.

Environmental regulations

Exhibitors undertake to observe environmental regulations. They must therefore comply with environmental directives.


Any water used for cooking or processing food or for cleaning items in direct contact with foodstuffs must be obtained from fully hygienic taps. Water from lavatories may not be used.

General Rules

These Specific Rules for exhibitors are in addition to the General Rules of Participation for Exhibitors at Events organised by IFEMA, which all exhibitors are deemed to accept.